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My Doctor doesn't take good notes

The attorneys at ManleyReynolds know all about doctors and their note-taking skills.   


Tricky Puzzle

When you go to the doctor, you usually talk about one specific problem, like a sore knee from arthritis or a nasty sinus infection. But sometimes, even if your knee still hurts from last week, it might not get mentioned again if you're there for something else.  That sore knee may not be written about until your next annual physical exam.

This can make your medical records look a bit patchy like puzzle pieces are missing. This is tricky because when the Social Security Administration (SSA) looks at your records to decide if you can get disability benefits, they might see these gaps and think you're not as unwell as you say.


Mixed Up Notes

At ManleyReynolds, PLLC, where our lawyers work, we pay close attention to your medical records. If something seems off, like notes about you swinging a golf club when your condition should make that tough, we get to the bottom of it. We had a case like this, and it turned out the doctor's notes were a bit mixed up. The person wasn't playing golf; they were using the club to help stretch their back. Thanks to our careful preparation, we were ready with the correct explanation when the judge asked about it.


Don't Give Up

Doctors have their ways of doing things, and we can't really change that. That's why, if SSA says no to your disability claim at first, it's super important not to give up and to keep asking them to reconsider. Eventually, you'll talk to a judge who listens to disability cases (the ALJ stage). This is your chance to tell your story to someone face-to-face and explain any bits of your medical records that might not make sense at first glance.


Always Remember

So, remember, even if your medical records aren't perfect, that doesn't mean you don't deserve help. It just means we need to work together to make sure your story is told right and all the pieces fit together in a way that makes sense to everyone, especially the judge.

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