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Past Relevant Work (PRW).

Past 15 years

 SSA will go back 15 years from the date you allege you were no longer capable of full time, sustained work activity.  


For non-blind individuals, the monthly SGA amount for 2024 is $1550. The monthly SGA amount for statutorily blind individuals for 2024 is $2590.   SGA for the blind does not apply to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, while SGA for the non-blind disabled applies to Social Security and SSI benefits.


Work is "substantial" if it involves engaging in significant physical or mental activities, or a combination of both.


Work is gainful if it is:​ 

performed for pay or profit;

of a nature generally performed for pay or profit; or​

intended for profit, whether or not a profit is realized.

Lasted long enough to learn

Duration refers to the length of time during which the person gained job experience. It should have been sufficient for the worker to have learned the techniques, acquired information, and developed the facility needed for average performance in the job situation. The length of time this would take depends on the nature and complexity of the work.

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